Agile Marketing Training

More and more marketers are looking to Agile to support the planning and execution of their marketing strategies and campaigns in order to perform at an iterative and faster pace. In fact, feedback from companies like Spotify and ING bank indicates that Agile increases team performance, which ultimately improves the customer experience and increases business revenue. Attending our Agile marketing training workshop is an effective way to facilitate the adoption of Agile within your marketing team. During the training sessions, you will be provided with the tools and techniques to develop your understanding of Agile and how it fits with your own marketing function, whether you work in B2B or B2C.

Agile marketing has to date focused on teams. However, in this training workshop, we will also shed light on personal agility, because some marketing teams comprise less than 3 people and in fact, some marketing teams are actually a team of one.

Our 2-day Agile marketing training course provides a thorough introduction to Agile frameworks in the context of marketing teams, as well as the opportunity to apply your learning to your current marketing campaigns and processes. The course includes hands-on practical activities that will result in deeper learning about Agile and how it can be applied to your unique team structure. The training course usually starts with one-to-one workshops with senior stakeholders like CMOs, Marketing Directors, and Managers, followed by sessions with the rest of the individuals on the team. Through our proprietary Agile Marketing Model, your training workshop will focus on the various aspects of your team’s journey towards achieving high performance. We will look broadly at your people, processes and tools, not just generic Agile frameworks like Scrum and Kanban.

Who is the course for?

This Agile marketing training programme is for experienced marketing leader and team members who already have a basic understanding of Agile and want to deepen their practice. Typically participants will include marketing directors, team leaders, marketing consultants and other professionals working within marketing departments.

The course will enable you to:

Understand Agile frameworks in the context of your marketing team;

Apply Agile processes to your existing marketing campaigns;

Learn how to use Agile software tools to increase the speed of task execution and improve inter-team collaboration; and

Experience live experiments of Agile marketing rituals within your team and explore how your team functions in this context.

Top Level Course Content:

  • Introduction To Agile Marketing
  • Agile Marketing Fundamentals
  • Agile Marketing Strategy
  • Activities (Agile Marketing With Kanban)
  • Activities (Agile Marketing With Scrum)
  • Agile Marketing Model
  • Agile Marketing Case Studies.

What’s included in the course fee:

Pre-workshop reading materials (provided to you upon registration)

FREE copy of my book Lean Agile Marketing: How to become agile and deliver marketing success

Fully qualified Agile Marketing training instructor

Femi Olajiga has over 15 years marketing experience working in a range of sectors, with a particular specialism in digital marketing and web analytics. He is an Agile marketing professional that walks-the-talk and writes about it. Femi is a highly competent consultant and coaching, who is also accredited with the International Coach Federation.

Training Venue, Dates and Fees

Our Agile Marketing training workshop is delivered on-site or virtually via GoToMeetingweb conferencing. You can contact us to book your training and we will be flexible with dates and time in order to meet your requirements.

Please contact us for bespoke pricing suited to your requirements.