Analytics tools record how your website attracts, converts and engages users. The default metrics in analytics tools is not setup to support marketing strategies. You need to configure and track your website goals to make sure it aligns with your strategy.

Marketing strategy is not limited to your website alone but includes offline data.  It is important to integrate all touch-points to have a single view of your customers, measuring the effectiveness of your customer acquisition channels to inform budgetary allocation decisions. We partner with you to improve the digital customer experience of your customers.

Web Analytics Audits

Changes to website content layout and design often causes issues with analytics tracking. Aside from that, you might decide to pivot your marketing approach. All this make it important to perform an analytics audit to accurate tracking.  We can work with you to check that you are tracking the right goals and conversions on your website. To maintain data integrity, we help you audit your qualitative analytics software tools. Reviewing your analytics tracking code setup to ensure alignment with stakeholders requirements.

Analytics Implementation Setup

Our services includes setting up and updating your analytics tracking code. This ensures that you are recording the customer stories on your website. How they navigate, click and where they exit from your website is being captured and recorded. We also help you setup your website conversions to track important KPIs. Listed below are some of the analytics Key Performance Indicators we can help you create:

  1. Awareness, Branding and Acquisition KPI
  2. Leads, conversion and website goals KPI
  3. Customer Engagement and Experience KPI

Analytics Report Setup

We help you create daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly analytics reports. We create insightful reports with visualisation tools like Google Data Studio or Tableau. This report is created to suite your stakeholders and business information needs.

Conversion Tracking

The most important part of web analytics is customer conversion tracking. It’s how you measure the return on investment of your website and marketing strategy. We help you create conversion tracking that aligns with your business objectives, focusing your efforts away from vanity metrics through internal web analytics workshop with your internal stakeholders. We gather requirements from internal stakeholders to inform conversion tracking setup.