Customer experience relates to the emotions customers feel from end-to-end interactions with your company, from the first time they started the buying process to the after-sale service stage. Web analytics tools cannot record or interpret customers’ emotions. Thus, this limitation justifies the need for richer qualitative analytics in the form of customer research. Customers’ emotions are influenced by a variety of factors, including other departments within your business (outside of marketing) with which these customers interact. These interactions are outside of marketing department’s control and can sometimes be detrimental to your business overall if customers’ experiences in these interactions are negative.

Companies like Amazon have caused a shift in mindset and increased customers’ expectations. The customer today are comparing their experience with your products or services against their experiences with Amazon. They have come to expect the same experience from companies irrespective of which  sector they operate in. This is why customer experience is now referred to as “the new competitive advantage” and the most cost-effective way to maintain your market share and bring new customers on board.

Digital Customer Experience Audit

We can help you to gather insights about your customers’ emotions across different touch-points. Customers today love to share their experiences with friends and networks, through word-of-mouth in real life and via social media. This can directly impact your reputation, website conversions and customer retention.

What are your customers post-purchase experience with your product or services? Are you measuring your customers’ digital footprint on social media and review websites?  We can help you review the relevant qualitative metrics through conversations with your existing customers and stakeholders by identifying unseen pain points which can cause customer resentment, anxiety and churn. By working together we can help you create a holistic and integrated customer experience strategy.

Creating a Customer Journey Map

A Customer Journey Map is the visual representation of your customers’ interactions and decision points across channels and touchpoints: from their very first interaction on your website to repeat purchase to churn. We can work with you to create a customer journey map to identify areas for improvement. Understanding your customers’ emotional experiences and perceptions and the way they interact with your website is crucial to this. We can help you identify your customers’ frustrations and anxieties they have about your brand and suggest improvements that can eliminate these and improve your marketing ROI.

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