Marketing professionals are often frustrated by the lack of responsiveness of their plans. The increased number marketing technology also creates silos that impact customer experience. With  individual marketing channels fighting over budget allocation, being Agile is important.

Satisfying the customer is a core principle behind the success of Agile. There are three important elements to Agile marketing planning process:

Transparency: The planning process must be visible to all stakeholders. Through transparency, marketing teams can solve serious problems facing campaign planning and execution. Transparency will foster the needed alignment that improves collaboration and team effectiveness. Communicating objectives and key results of marketing plans is very important. While also making sure all stakeholders contributes to the planning process.

Inspection: Regular review and evaluation of marketing plan. Inspecting how marketing plans is performing can become micromanaging and a blame culture. Agile offers managers a subtle leadership which is a different way to manage plans.

Adaptation: Updating and making necessary changes to the marketing plan based on feedbacks.

Enrol your team for Agile Marketing Planning Training workshop and you will learn:

  1. Defining the team vision
  2. How to manage multitasking
  3. Lean thinking for marketing
  4. Team Roles and Responsibility
  5. Establishing ownership
  6. Integrating stakeholder requirements
  7. Understanding Kanban for marketing
  8. Creating your Task Boards
  9. Prioritizing and Ranking Items
  10. Defining Acceptance criteria
  11. Individual and Team Capacity Planning
  12. Task Management: Limiting Work in progress