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Understanding how marketing tactics work is important in ensuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. However, tactics alone will not ensure business growth. In order to really improve business results in the digital sphere, it is crucial to develop a comprehensive digital strategy unique to your company. We do not try to tell you what to do and how to strategize your marketing function.

Instead we listen to your views and allow you to voice out your corporate vision, goals, objectives, customer acquisition targets, conversion goals and customer retention and engagement strategies. Then we use your goals to develop a digital strategy that analyses your business situation, profiles your customers and analyse your competitors to identify how to do things differently and capitalise on your business strengths. We also help you set up key performance indicators and benchmarks to measure the success of your digital strategy. Click on the links below to read more about our consultancy services:

Customer Acquisition Strategy

We work with you to create a sound digital marketing strategy which will help you acquire new customers, whilst at the same time encouraging return visits to increase your website retention. By analysing the performance of your acquisition channels, we help you maximise the effectiveness of your channel mix, as well as define the key performance indicators for all customer acquisition channels. This enables you to measure your website’s performance against your marketing objectives and targets.

Firstly, we profile your target audience by creating personas for each audience segment. These personas create a better understanding of what channels works best for each audience segment, which helps to reduce your cost per acquisition per customer to maximise profit from online sales.

Based on your existing analytics data, we research how your customers are buying from you and the journey length they go through before completing a purchase. We also define value propositions needed to optimise your customer journey map.

Customer Retention Strategy

Loyal and existing customer are worth up to 8 times more than new customers. It also significantly more expensive to acquire new customers compared to retuning existing customers. We work with you to develop a deep understanding of your customers and then develop retention strategies across all channels and touch points. We help you utilise existing customer data to create a customer centric strategy aimed at identifying customers with the highest purchase potential.

We help you increase repeat purchase by creating customer retention process based on effective communication to maintain customer relationship. We help you create a synergy between your website properties and your customer services function.  In additional to encouraging repeat purchase we work with you to create creative campaigns to promote customer loyalty which untimely impact you bottom line.