Succeeding with Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing Planning Creating an Agile marketing plan is based on adding iterations and increments to the traditional marketing planning process. It requires aligning all the individual marketing functions to a common strategic objective while creating transparency about how individual objectives and key results align. Details of Agile Marketing Plan Most marketing strategies are focused … Continue reading “Succeeding with Agile Marketing”

Agile Marketing Scrum

Agile Marketing Scrum What is Scrum? Scrum is a project management framework developed by Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber It is based on a team structure that comprises of a Product Owner (C-Level Executive), Scrum Master (Team Manager/Leader) and the Team (Individuals on the team). The entire team work together in an iterative way and … Continue reading “Agile Marketing Scrum”

Kanban For Marketing

Agile Marketing Framework: Kanban For Marketing   History Of Kanban In Japanese, the word Kanban means “Visual Signal” or “Card”. It originated in Toyota back in the late 1940s with the company’s aim of improving communication and visual management across the organization in order to reduce waste. Through the increased visualisation of work Kanban allowed … Continue reading “Kanban For Marketing”

Agile Marketing Book

Lean Agile Marketing – How to Become Agile and Deliver Marketing Success Most companies and their senior management teams should be worried about startups!  Although household brands, such as Apple, Google and Spotify or the aspirational Tesla, have the financial muscle and brand equity required to compete in the modern fast-paced and ever changing world, … Continue reading “Agile Marketing Book”

Agile for Non-IT Teams

Before we start it is important to highlight that agile started in technical teams (software) but has been proven to work across teams in other areas as well. Agile started because of the high failure rate (80%) of projects and the fact that the final deliverables from these projects were not completely aligned to the … Continue reading “Agile for Non-IT Teams”

What is Business Agility?

Depending on who you ask, you will probably get different definitions of business agility based on their own perspective of what agility means. The common themes around the definition of business agility centre mostly around the speed at which organizations adapt and respond to changes within the business environment. In the context of Agile specifically, … Continue reading “What is Business Agility?”