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Agile Marketing Coaching

The increasing number of distractions and complexity marketing teams deal with in the 21st century means that they are unlikely to achieve superior performance without agility. It is extremely important to create an environment that empowers marketing teams perform at their highest potential possible. Agile marketing is a powerful way to accelerate team performance by creating collaborative, high performing teams. As a coach, I work with CMOs and senior managers to understand distinctive challenges and opportunities facing their marketing teams in terms of strategy planning and execution. I bring a combination of Agile experience and marketing know-how to help them identify the combination of agile frameworks to meet their team’s needs and assessing their marketing team’s current ability to meet set objectives. Together, we create an agile culture that encompasses a mindset change, creation of team values and implementation of agile ways of working across their marketing team.

The coaching process starts with a series of coaching sessions with the CMO and other senior managers to prepare them for the process of upgrading the entire marketing team to an agile way of working. Through agile leadership training workshops and one-to-one coaching with senior marketing managers, I empower leaders with the knowledge of agile methodology that helps them develop an agile leadership style. I offer workshops (lasting between six weeks to six months, depending on the circumstances) to help CMOs identify gaps between where they currently are and where they want to be as agile marketing leaders, and then teach them the necessary skills to get there. Using workshops and other training tools, I work with the entire marketing team to build the group’s emotional intelligence as they engage in planning and executing marketing tasks.


The Coaching Process

The coaching process starts with the organisational, executive and team assessment to understand the cultural dynamics of your marketing team and can last between three to six months. I provide a personalized process that will be tailored to your team’s requirements. My coaching approach integrates problem solving in collaboration with your marketing team, with the sole aim of helping them contribute  more effectively and efficiently to the achievement of your organization’s overall business goals. In addition to working with you to create an agile marketing team, I will work with you towards creating your own internal agile marketing training programs which help integrate new members into your agile marketing team even after your initial agile transformation is complete.


We will schedule an initial one-to-one phone interview to explore your purpose, goals and why you want to upgrade your marketing team to an agile way of working. This will help us to identify your agile development needs. I will provide guidance and support needed to start your agile marketing journey and the process will enable you to grow and develop organically to reach the stage you don’t need my services any more.